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Tours of vineyards, wine bars and shops all serve to acquaint as many people as possible to the delights of the wonderful world of wine.


These tours allow you to visit the most well known Bolognese vineyards and to personally meet wine producers, simultaneously learning the processes involved in the production of wine.


You will taste their wines and discover the secrets of this beautiful land.

The service includes: chaffeured transportation, pick up and drop off points wherever it is most convenient for you, wine tasting at the vineyards and also the possibility of remaining on site to sample their local gastronomic specialties.

Some proposals:

  • Parco di Monte Sole… to discover and taste.
    The Etruscans first discovered the value of this land for growing vines. You will taste wines that come from the same soil which the first Italians cultivated and be surprised to find not only Emiliani vines.
  • The amazing Valle del Reno.
    In the heart of the Bolognese hills you will visit a vineyard which holds a pleasant surprise for you.
  • A link between past and present in the Valle del Savena.
    Immersed in a large natural amphitheatre you will visit a wine cellar specialized in white wines, with the possibility of tasting a wine from a vine which had disappeared for years, but which has been rediscovered and will surely stimulate interest for years to come.


If you are interested in visiting vineyards outside Bologna or the Emilia Romagna region, please let me know your requests and you will be contacted promptly.